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Birds are some of the most amazing animals on earth.  There are plenty of charming birds which will certainly attract you – and Cockatiel is not an exception of course – Cockatiel is considered as the best among these birds because of his comical personality, emitation abilities of voices and his wonderful whistling, and all these characterictics made him has a high standing comparing to other types of parrots, around the world. So, do not get surprised when I tell you that he is the number one pet species in America.

Habitat and Distrubution:

In nature, parrots live in groups called flocks and each flock cantains about 20 – 30 birds. They eat nuts,fruit and insects. Cockatiels are spread throughout many parts of the world, but Their origin is from arid and semi-arid regions of  Australia. They prefer open environments because they like to forage on the ground but they avoid dense forest. Cockatiels are lower cost than other pet bird species because they can breed in  captivity; consequently, they have been domisticated for years and they can live up  to 20 years.

How to take care of a Cockatiel

First of all, and as I always say in my articles, you need to collect as much information as you can . If you want you can talk with several Cockatiels’ owners to know more about them. Thus, here is what you will need to know about Cockatiels.

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Food & diet: As we all know nutrition is essential for your Cockatiel that’s why you need to pay too much attention to it. You should give your Cockatiel different kinds of food, such as( vegetables, fruits,..,and nuts), not only seeds. They are several products which can be given to the Cockatiel as feeders like: Premium Dialy Diet for Cockatiels, Sunny Orchard Nutri-Berries for Small Birds and Classic Avi Cakes for Small Birds.

Avoid toxics like ( onions,mushrooms ..) ,and always ask your viteranian before feed your bird something new. It will be great if you remove the leftovers from the cage by the end of the day to make the Cockatiel comfortable in his place.

Cleanliness of the Cockatiel: Make sure that your Cockatiel has always clean water because it is an important thing to change water every time, like if a human bieng who would drink it; also wash the water bowl regularly.

Shower is a good opportunity to get rid of dirt, it is also an occasion to renew the flu activity and especially it increases their enthusiasm and therefore do not dispense with the submission of the bathroom once a week at least, and increase the number of times whenever the weather was warm.

Note: I know that some birds may not like BATHING , but as a replacement you can use a spray, I advise you to read this article.

Cage: It is preferable to be a wide cage with some toys and two bowls- one is for food and the other one is for water- in order to make the Cockatiel stimulated, also buy few perches and put them in the cage where he can use one to sleep.  And, from time to time leave him out of the cage .

Don’t place the cage in the bedroom or the kitchen because birds are sensitive to fumes also don’t use a blanket to cover the cage at night because they can recognise the diffrence in morning and night . When you are out and your Cockatiel alone at home you can leave the radio or the television on, in order to not let him feel lonely .

Watch you Cockatiel’s behavior: There some popular names of Cockatiels such as: Kiwi, Princess, Rocky, Sunny, Max,… ; but if you want a different or an unusual name for you bird you can observe his behavior and personality then you can give him a suitable name.

The observation of his behavior helps you also to know how is his curent state like when his crest up then he is scared or excited another example if he is thin & skinny, tight feathers, eyes wide, standing tall: scared.

Also, watch you bird if he is playing and singing as usual or not, if not then it must be signs of sickness and you should take him to the viteranian.

How to know if a Cockatiel is right for you

I always put Cockatiels on the top of list when someone asks me about which bird is right for him, and this is due to his funny personality and distinctive characteristics. let’s be frank, Which one of us who was not impressed when saw those videos about Cockatiels’ interaction with their owners?

Cockatiels are small-sized, easy rising and they are several kinds of them. Actually, I can’t imagine a person may not like the company of this magnificent parrot. Cockatiel keeps his unique personality, and requires different needs as all other pets.

To ensure that Cockatiel is most appropriate for you try to keep in mind the following:


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